Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center Presents “The Ellyn Maybe Band Fundraiser For Glastonbury”

EllynCOLOR_small.jpgGet Ellyn Maybe & Her Band to The Glastonbury Festival – The Ellyn Maybe Band has been accepted into the Glastonbury Festival in England, the world’s largest music festival! A great honor to be sure, but an expensive endeavor.

Place: Beyond Baroque Literary Center681 Venice Blvd. CA 90291 (310) 822-3006

Date: Saturday, May 28th

Time: Party Starts at 5 PM until midnight

Admission: $10

At 9:00 pm the renowned monthly Ellyn Maybe Band Poetry Rodeo, in which the 6 piece Ellyn Maybe Band improvises behind both Ellyn and volunteer poets, will occur.

Complete Schedule:

5:00 pm – Chloe Pappas

5:30 pm – Jen Hirsh

6:00 pm – (DJ) M Train

7:00 pm – Readings by Elena Karina Byrne and Amy Schroeder.

9:00 pm – Ellyn Maybe Band’s Poetry Rodeo

10:30 pm – Robbie Fitzsimmons

11:15 pm – DJ set by Nelson Marquez and Tsehaie a.k.a. Liquid Fire Sound System


The Ellyn Maybe Band’s unique brand of pop poetry has garnered praise from such luminaries as Jackson Browne, Henry Rollins and Greil Marcus.Their critically acclaimed poetry/music album, Rodeo for the Sheepish, was released by Hen House Studios. Band members include Ellyn Maybe, Harlan Steinberger, Robbie Fitzsimmons, Danny Moynahan, Tommy Jordan and Paul Bushnell.

Recent Press -
“Local Band Working Toward Glastonbury Festival” by Lynne Bronstein

Jackson Browne’s note to Ellyn Maybe at the time of her CD release “Rodeo For The Sheepish” – “I have started to write something about you for your site several times, and each time I am struck by my inability to describe what you do in terms beautiful enough, original enough to do you justice. But it’s always been this way. Who has ever been able to say in other words what a song says? Maybe it’s why I like your poems so much, they say what can only be said in exactly the way you say it. The best way of turning someone on to you is to play you for them.”

The Ellyn Maybe Band Fundraiser For Glastonbury

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