“Rodeo For the Sheepish” Tops Greil Marcus’s Believer Column!

Real Life Rock Top Ten

by Greil Marcus

201005(1) Ellyn Maybe: Rodeo for the Sheepish (Hen House Studios). I heard half of the long, quietly mesmerizing “City Streets” on the radio—what was this? A woman with a poem, with music and a sung chorus not behind her but circling her, and the poem neither exactly recited nor sung, but spoken with such a lilt, in a voice so full of miserabilist pride—at forty, a woman is still getting high-school insults tossed at her (“Hey Mars girl,” a man shouts on the street, “get off the Earth”)—that it’s music in and of itself. There is no bottom to Maybe’s inventiveness, to her adoption of Nirvana’s Oh well whatever never mind as an artistic tool, to a confidence that allows her to toss off a bedrock statement on the American character (“There are people / who know the cuckoo is the state bird / of most states of mind”) in a throwaway voice so that its humor hits you not as a joke but as an echo. There is nothing like this album except for the real life it maps.

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One Response to ““Rodeo For the Sheepish” Tops Greil Marcus’s Believer Column!”

  1. Greil, great review. I’m a fan of Ellyn’s writing – but to hear her reading aloud, backed by great musicians, is an amazing phenomenon! She deserves accolades for daring to share her most intimate thoughts (especially those concerning her own foibles and what she may consider “imperfections,” but are actually what make Ellyn so accessible to women). Hooray – and thanks!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore
    Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Jazz Baby

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